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andaman havelock island tour

3N4D Glimpse of Andamans Tour


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Hotel Details
  • Hotel TSG Emerald , Port Blair
  • Hotel TSG Blue , Havelock

Cost Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  

Inclusion & Exclusion


1)      Meet and greet services at the airport and all transfers and ferry tickets as per itinerary

2)      Accommodation with daily breakfast (Except breakfast on day of arrival)

3)      Entry tickets, permits and ferry tickets to all places which are included in the itinerary

4)      All transfers by AC Car


1)      Air Ticket

2)      Vehicle at disposal is not provided.

1)      Any personal expenses. Room service and special orders Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages not included

2)      Any extra excursions or sightseeing apart from the suggested tour itinerary not included. Any excursions mentioned as optional extra are also not included.

3)      Camera Tickets, Guide Charges are NOT INCLUDED in the mentioned cost of Sightseeing & Transfers.

4)      Any meals not mentioned in the meal plan, laundry, telephone calls, and incidentals.

5)      Air tickets are NOT included

6)      All applicable taxes and 9% GST

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